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Our philosophy

We know it takes years to become a good and skillful ski instructor. In order to pass your Eurotest you will need to make fundamental changes to the way you ski, changing from skiing like an instructor into skiing like a racer. In five weeks we will try, with your help, to effect the changes to make you a faster and more skillful skier, building towards a successful Eurotest.
The main aspects for us to aim for are:

1. Making good clean turns with both skis while maintaining speed in GS courses in all conditions.
2. Learning and understanding a good racing line. This takes time and experience.
3. Developing and using the many skills required to successfully race.
4. Familiarising you with race day requirements and equipping  you to deal with race day pressures.

To optimise your progress skiing GS requires a certain amount of time outside the gates working on race specific skills and movements.
We will do this the first week, identifying and improving skills and techniques required to ski a GS course fast. This will be on your SL skies to get better feeling and awareness of edge control and body management, focusing on increasing edge angles at slower speeds.

Second week, we will build on first week skills by using stubbies and SL skis to start GS type courses.

Third week we will progress to full size gates and GS skis using different courses and racing scenarios, to build up into the  4th and 5th week, with timing and simulated races.

At the end of each day we will use video analysis together with self assessment to help plan the next days training.

Donít hesitate to call if you have questions about our courses.

Gustav Fischnaller

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